October 8, 2023

Happy Kirtan Diwas कीर्तन दिवस की ढेरों शुभकामनाएं

“Kiirtan is good for a spiritual aspirant and it should always be encouraged. It creates a spiritual wave, it creates a spiritual fervor, it makes the aspirant dance in ecstasy and throbbing in vitality”. “LET YOU ENJOY THAT SPIRITUAL BLISS.”

— Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Asta’kshari Siddha Maha’mantra Kiirtan “BABA NAM KEVALAM” given by Sadguru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii at Amajharia, Latihar Dist. Jharkhand, INDIA on 8th October 1970.

Benefits of Kiirtan:

पाप-ताप नाशकम् , चिन्ता शोक हरणम् ,
बाधा विपत्ति विदूरकम् , शत्रु विनाश कारणम् ,
त्रिविध ज्वाला हरणम् , साधना सहायकम् ,
परमानन्द प्रदायकम् , मुक्ति मोक्ष दायकम्।।
By regular chanting of “BABA NAM KEVALAM” Kiirtan, one becomes free from sin and suffering, gets read of clash and worries, Kiirtan assist to improve Sadhana to get absolute blessedness, salvation or liberation.

“By Sadhana, one moves closer to the Supreme, but by Kiirtan the Supreme moves closer to His devotee”

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Ji

“Kiirtan touches the core of the human heart. Followers of all religions do Kiirtan. The only reason for such large-scale popularity of Kiirtan is that it arouses soft spiritual sentiments in a person. Behind Kiirtan is the blissful ideation. This ideation blossoms into full flower the soft feelings of the human heart lying so far in bud form. Kiirtan awakens human feelings and transports a person into great bliss. Kiirtan fills one’s life and satisfies all wants”.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

How to do Kiirtan of the Lord?

“Kiirtaniiyah sadá harih. One should always do the kiirtana of the Lord. What does kiirtana mean? To sing in a loud voice the qualities of the Lord – not mentally. If it is done mentally then we call it japa. And when it is vocalized then we call it kiirtana. Why does kiirtana have to be vocalized? The science behind it is that when you do kiirtana loudly your mind remains engaged. It cannot do anything else. At that time it is not possible to abuse someone or to have a worldly conversation. The mind is busy vocalizing, rather I will say that it is given over to the vocalization. The vocal cords are busy in that, the mind is employed in that thought, and the ears are hearing it, they don’t have any chance to go here and there. For this reason the rule of vocalizing kiirtana loudly makes it both heard and sung. Kiirtan is not done softly.”

– Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii

History of Kiirtan “Baba Nam Kevalam”

कीर्तन नगर (अमझरिया) बाबा नाम केवलम कीर्त्तन की अवतरण स्थली (8 October 1970)
महाकौल श्री श्री आनंदमूर्ति जी ने राँची से क़रीब 60 किलोमीटर दूर अमझरिया के जंगल के एक ऊँचे टीले पर स्थित विश्रामगृह में 8 अक्टूबर, सन् 1970 को बाबा नाम केवलम् अष्टाक्षरी सिद्ध महामन्त्र कीर्तन का प्रवर्तत किया था। कीर्तन अध्यात्मिक साधना व प्रगति में अत्यंत सहायक है।

        To enhance the spiritual practices of devotees and promote Kirtan widely in society, Baba introduced various melodies and ragas in Kirtan. He elaborated on the significance of Kirtan during discussions.

In 1969, Baba declared it as the year of Sadhana, increasing spiritual zeal among Margiis. He organized seminars, spreading spiritual knowledge. In 1970, he initiated the U.K.K. (Utilisation Katha Kiirtan) program, inspiring Margis to actively participate.

One day, Baba expressed the desire for a tranquil retreat and instructed the General Secretary to find a suitable place. With great enthusiasm, many volunteers and Margiis joined this sacred endeavor. Pleased with the natural beauty of the chosen location, Baba sanctioned it for his relaxation.

On October 5th and 6th, Baba took rest, with Acarya Raj Mohan and other Margiis present. On the 7th, around 9 pm, Baba summoned Ac Raj Mohan and Ac Bhramadeva to his room and shared extensive details about the new Kirtan. He demonstrated hand and arm movements, dance steps, and explained the "Baba Nam Kevalam" mantra. Emphasizing the importance of adding "Kevalam," he declared it a Siddha mantra, a universal chant with benefits for Sadhana and health. He urged all Margiis to adopt this Kirtan, despite initial discomfort for some.

On October 8th, 1970, numerous Margiis gathered in Amjharia to meet Baba. He instructed them to perform Kirtan. Baba conducted a demonstration with Ac Brahmadeva, asking if he heard any sounds. Initially, he heard "Baba Baba," but with careful listening, he perceived "Baba Nam Kevalam" resonating from the sky and all around. Ac Raj Mohan and others also reported hearing it. During the Kirtan, Baba's car mysteriously rolled toward the gathering, stopping outside the garage without a driver or engine running. This event demonstrated the immense power of Kirtan, attracting even inanimate objects.

Today, local Margiis in the area organize Akhand Kiirtans annually on October 8th in Amjharia. It's evident that Baba provided detailed instructions to Ac Raj Mohan and Ac Bhramadeva on the night of the 7th, preparing them for the following day.

What does Baba Nam Kevalam mean?

Baba means “Cosmic father” and is widely used as a familiar name for the Guru. Baba also holds connotations of “nearest or dearest”. So Baba Nam Kevalam has a deep range of meanings – That nearest or dearest is everywhere is everything, Only that divine name.
Baba Nam Kevalam is a Sanskrit mantra. Baba means “beloved,” Nam means “name” and Kevalam means “only.” Therefore, the mantra may be translated as “only the name of the beloved,”
The Baba Nam Kevalam mantra can also take on a meaning that love is everywhere and is the essence of everything.”Love is all there is.”

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