Anandanagar serves as the central headquarters of Ananda Marga, a global spiritual and social service organization founded by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti in 1955. Located in West Bengal, India, Anandanagar is a vibrant and sprawling complex that represents the heart of Ananda Marga’s administrative, educational, and spiritual activities.

The primary purpose of Anandanagar is to provide a centralized hub for Ananda Marga’s worldwide operations and initiatives. It is home to the organization’s central administrative offices, which oversee the management and coordination of various projects, centers, and activities carried out by Ananda Marga globally.

Within the premises of Anandanagar, there are several educational institutions that strive to promote holistic and well-rounded development. These institutions include schools, colleges, and vocational training centers, offering education to children, youth, and adults alike. The emphasis is on cultivating both academic excellence and moral values, nurturing individuals who can contribute positively to society.

Anandanagar also serves as a spiritual retreat center, offering serene and peaceful surroundings for individuals seeking inner growth and self-realization. The ashrams and meditation centers within the complex provide a space for spiritual practices, meditation, and yoga, which are integral parts of Ananda Marga’s philosophy. These facilities welcome both members of Ananda Marga and individuals from all walks of life who wish to explore their spiritual journey.

In addition to its administrative and educational functions, Anandanagar plays a crucial role in the implementation of Ananda Marga’s extensive social service initiatives. The organization is dedicated to serving humanity through various humanitarian projects, including the provision of healthcare, disaster relief, environmental sustainability, and community development programs. Anandanagar serves as a center for planning, coordinating, and executing these initiatives, ensuring that the organization’s efforts reach those in need across the globe.

Overall, Anandanagar stands as the central hub and focal point for Ananda Marga’s multifaceted activities. It embodies the organization’s commitment to spiritual growth, education, social service, and the upliftment of humanity. The vibrant energy, inclusive atmosphere, and dedication to service make Anandanagar a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals seeking personal transformation and the betterment of society.

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    Ananda Nagar, P.O. Baglata District Purulia, West Bengal, 723215 India