The ideal of a spiritual seeker’s life is to pursue both self-realization and the welfare of the universe. While engaging in work, one should remember that it is meant for self-realization. However, if someone solely focuses on self-realization and disregards the world’s suffering, they can be considered selfish. Service to humanity and concern for others are necessary alongside spiritual longing. The purpose of life is the simultaneous pursuit of self-realization and the betterment of the world.

We receive numerous services from the world for our sustenance, which creates a debt that must be repaid. Neglecting this debt can result in a rebirth to repay it with interest. Since we take from the world, it is essential to give back. Giving more than we take leads to receiving interest. While accepting interest is optional, repaying the debt is not. Remember, we are here to serve the world and practice self-realization. Those who solely focus on self-realization and neglect social service struggle to make progress in their spiritual journey, as the two are interdependent.

The concept of “subjective approach through objective adjustment” emphasizes moving toward the Supreme Consciousness while maintaining a balanced engagement with the external world. It involves treating external objects appropriately while maintaining a subjective outlook. Objective adjustment is crucial even when striving for supreme subjectivity.

The attainment of salvation comes through self-knowledge. Understanding oneself leads to self-realization and salvation. Knowing oneself involves recognizing the three movements of the human mind: external objects influencing the inner self, inner sentiments expressed in the physical world, and the mind’s movement towards the Spirit.

“Ananda Marga is a revolution. It is not only a spiritual revolution, but also an economic, social and mental revolution. The economic system, the social structure, the trend of thinking and the spiritual practices prescribed in Ananda Marga are not only new, but something quite different from the established ideas and practices in these spheres of life.
Ananda Marga is not a change merely due to the cycle of time, but a revolution – a radical change – in the true sense. In Ananda Marga a [sannyásii, a monk] is as good a member of society as an ordinary family person earning his or her own living and maintaining his or her family.”

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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