November 4, 2023

Dharma MahaSammelan 2023: A Spiritual Triumph at Ananda Sambhuti, Jamalpur

The Dharma MahaSammelan took place from October 27 to 29, 2023, at Ananda Sambhuti, Baba Nagar, Jamalpur, the birthplace of Ananda Marga’s founder, Mahasambhuti Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Ji. This three-day spiritual gathering proved to be a profound and blissful experience for all attendees.

Amid the serene and natural surroundings of Aunga Bhumi Ananda Sambhuti Master Unit, Babanagar, devotees must have explored the expressions of devotion captured in motion pictures at the DMS Pandal, connected deeply with the spiritual heritage of this sacred place.

Revered Purodha Pramukh Acarya Vishwadevanand Avadhuta delivered divine discourses during morning and evening sessions throughout the three days. Those who missed the live sessions can still benefit from these enlightening talks, as they are available for listening on the Ananda Marga YouTube Channel.

Bhukti Pradhan Conference Empowers Baba’s Mission at DMS 2023

The Bhukti Pradhan Conference 2023 is being held in conjunction with DMS at Babanagar, focusing on the theme of “Empowering Baba’s mission and the structure of AMPS.” The conference emphasizes the use of digital infrastructure and integration to strengthen the ASB base in the sector. It highlights activities related to Sadhana, Seva, and Prachar in Ananda Marga, including Kiirtan, Education, Relief Work, Revolutionary Marriage, Youth Confidence, cadre training programs, and programs at universities and colleges.

DMS 2023 Unveils Mesmerizing RAWA Cultural Evening: An Enchanting Ode to Prabhat Samgiita and Ananda Marga Ideals

The DMS featured an exceptional RAWA Cultural Evening with captivating and devotional dance and music performances inspired by Prabhat Samgiita and the ideology of Ananda Marga. These performances were presented by RAWA participants selected from National Workshops, and the significant contributions of Mrinal Dada and the RAWA Bhagalpur Unit played a key role in making this event memorable. Notably, a thought-provoking street play based on Yama Niyama added a societal dimension to the program.

Celebrating Excellence and Talent – Awards, Blessings, and Recognition Abound

At the DMS, we witnessed the enchanting Prize Distribution and Newly Weds Blessings given by the revered PP Dada ji. The Tandava Kaushiki Competition showcased remarkable talents, and the top participants were duly recognized and rewarded by PP Dada ji. Awards and certificates were presented to the outstanding participants who excelled in the Yama Niyama Quiz, organized by AMPS Dhanbad under the leadership of Acarya Anandavardhan Brc. Furthermore, participants in the Prabhat Samgiita Festival, spanning the Delhi Sector, received awards and certifications to celebrate their achievements.

Students and Youths Meeting with Reverend Purodha Pramukh Dada during DMS

72 Hrs Akhand Kiirtan “Baba Nam Kevalam” in Babanagar

DMS Achieves Outstanding Media Coverage Across India and abroad