February 19, 2024

The 1st phase 1st Diocese Level Seminar took place in Yelahanka, Bengaluru, from February 16th to 18th, 2024. Acarya Priyatoshanand Avadhuta, the central trainer, led socio-spiritual classes and emphasized the adoption of a Yoga lifestyle for personal improvement and readiness to serve humanity. Dada eloquently presented the special motto of Ananda Marga: “Self-Realization and Service to All,” likening it to the two wheels of a bicycle propelling progress forward.

The seminar covered a range of topics, including Mantra Caetanya, Shivopadesha, and Economic Dynamics. Additionally, a symposium talk was organized on “Sadvipras Leadership Based on Neo-Humanism,” addressing pertinent issues in today’s capitalist-dominated world and proposing solutions rooted in Ananda Marga’s philosophy of PROUT and Neo-Humanism.

A vibrant Shobha Yatra, featuring the uplifting Kiirtana “Baba Nam Kevalam” and local slogans in Kannada, engaged the community. Furthermore, a RAWA cultural program showcased the talents of Margiis children and students from the Ananda Marga School in Kithandur, Kolar.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, providing valuable opportunities to further Baba’s mission.

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