Animal Rescue and Care

Prevention of Cruelty Against Plant & Animals Foundation
(An Ananda Marga Foundation based on Neo-Humanism) 

 The PCAP Foundation is dedicated to the benevolent idea of Neo-humanism, given by our most revered Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii Ji, a philosophy that accommodates all the animate and inanimate beings of the universe with the idea of love and respect for each other. 

 The PCAP unit operating in the Palamau District, Jharkhand is performing the following functions since its inception, by the participation of responsible members from the Ananda Margii community here. 

 Significant actions are being taken to help the needy stray animals roaming on the streets and an online Facebook page is maintained to create online awareness among those who care about animals and the general public. 

 Some of the initiatives taken and running under the banner of PCAP Foundation, Palamau, Jharkhand are:  

  1. Animal rescue and care  
  2. Raising awareness in society for the safety of stray animals through posters and pamphlets; online posts 
  3. Medical help for wounded animals 
  4. Free adoption drives for puppies and kittens  
  5. Clothing support for animals  
  6. Participative activities with the members of the public  
  7. Mass feeding drives for stray animals  
  8. Attending to animals and their needs during lockdowns following community guidelines by the government  
  9. Accepting donations to provide relief (even kids are donating with love) 
  10. Keeping water at regular distances for cows and other stray animals (PCAP containers) 
  11. Narayan seva on 99th Baba Birthday  
  12. PCAP against Rabies Program 
  13. Coverage by local newspapers, leading to further local awareness among the public. 
  14. Veterinary Service  
  15. Animal Shelter
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