The Ananda Nagar Naturopathy & Yoga Treatment Centre in Ananda Nagar is the first of its kind – because it combines ancient yoga natural therapy with one of the best places in the world for meditation. Ananda Nagar has over 80 perfect concentration spots where yogis achieved their ultimate liberation.

The Ananda Nagar Naturopathy & Yoga Treatment Centre practices a holistic approach to health through various natural therapies, yoga postures, meditation and vegetarian diet. We not only assist our students in their healing, we also teach them the path to life-long health.

The Ananda Nagar Naturopathy and Yoga Treatment Center offers a comprehensive yoga certification course and provides specialized, affordable care to in-patients dealing with chronic illnesses. Their approach combines naturopathy and Ayurvedic-biochemics tissue methods, encompassing controlled diets, Asanas (yoga postures), lifestyle adjustments, and deep body cleansing techniques.

Furthermore, the center has established a collaborative partnership with Jivaka Ayurveda University, Ranchi, to conduct research and development based on the teachings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji’s book “Yogic Treatment and Remedies.”

In addition to their core services, the center actively organizes health education camps in the neighboring villages of Ananda Nagar, located in West Bengal, India. A dedicated team comprising of staff members and volunteers strives to improve sanitation, promote hygiene practices, and provide preventive measures and early treatment for common diseases and viruses during these camps. These initiatives have been ongoing since long, benefitting the disadvantaged and neglected tribal villagers in the region.

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Location: Ananda Nagar, Pundag, Purulia, West Bengal
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Manager – Dayal Parmeshwar Mob: +91-8670031800
Office Mob 1: +91-7864044128 Mob 2: +91-9547617522

Daily Live Panchajanya, Swadhyaya & Yogasanas 5 AM - 7 AM
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