June 16, 2024

On the sacred occasion of Ananda Purnima 2024, Dharma MahaSammelan took place at the City of Bliss, Anandanagar. This three-day spiritual gathering proved to be a profound and blissful experience for all attendees. Amid the serene and natural surroundings of Anandnagar, devotees explored the expressions of devotion captured in motion pictures at the DMS Pandal, connecting deeply with the spiritual heritage of this sacred place. On the auspicious occasion of Anand Purnima, all the devotees, brothers and sisters of Baba are welcome to the Dharma Mahasammelan on 7, 8 and 9 June 2024 at Ananda Marga’s World Spiritual Center Ananda Nagar.

“Baba Nam Kevalam is Kiirtana of Harii, those who sings it wholeheartedly, they are more intelligent,” said A’ca’rya Vishwadevananda Avadhuta

Purodha Pramukh Dada mentioned that the continuous Akhand Kiirtan has been going on in Ananda Nagar for the past 700 days. Therefore, whoever comes here should engage in Kiirtan enthusiastically. Kiirtan affects trees, plants, animals, birds, the animate and the inanimate alike, and all derive joy from it. Whoever listens to it will have their mind purified.

Blissful Glimpes from Anandnagar DMS

Prize Distribution and Recognition for the Great Work

During the Ananda Purnima Dharma MahaSammelan at Anandanagar on June 7-9, 2024, Purodha Pramukh Dadaji distributed and honored recipients with awards in various categories:

  1. Best Ananda Marga Works by WTs, LFTs, Bhukti Pradhans, volunteers, and others.
  2. Prizes for Tandava and Kaoshikii competitions organized by Seva Dharma Mission.
  3. Best HPMG (Harii Parimandal Gosthii) for their ongoing participation in the Endless Akhanda Kiirtan in Anandanagar.

Revered Purodha Pramukh Acarya Vishwadevananda Avadhut Dadaji bestowed blessings upon the newly revolutionary married couples who wed according to the Ananda Marga Caryacarya system.

Sarees and Dhoti Distribution in AMURT Bhavan, Anandanagar

Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) distributed sarees and dhotis to needy villagers around Anandanagar during the Ananda Purnima DMS in the City of Bliss. AMURT volunteers were honored with AMURT Global Certificates by Revered Purodha Pramukh Acarya Vishwadevananda Avt. for their dedicated humanitarian service.

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